Are we opt-ing out of the online marketing psy-ops (finally?!)

In the game of life of the internet marketer, (throw a 6 figure launch, get a selfie with Lewis Howes, move 5 spaces to Entrepreneur On Fire, do not pass go), the rules are changing.

With a landscape more resemblant of a psy-ops mission than recognisable business strategies, the stage props, acting cast and beyond reproach manoeuvres are beginning to get the “ You can’t BS a BS-er” treatment.

From an industry that has a core meta-pyramid of marketing-to-marketers-to-coach-marketers-to-market that’s really something.

(Lost? No worries, opt-in for my free PDF and 6 part video series and I will explain it all for a one time offer of $97).

The implosion is coming. Possibly faster than Winter.

The glitz and glamour of an internet marketer is the new marketing myopia, and Peter Drucker is positively spinning in his reference library tomes.

Plagiarism, once so normalised is now being called out (hat tip Ramit Sethi).

Because, it turns out, that no matter how many millions you purport to have, integrity is still a “thing”.

Who knew.

“True integrity means you create world-class products with original ideas, techniques, and frameworks”, Ramit Sethi.

And, while we are on this beach with a laptop, let’s take a re-look at income based marketing and put a biiiiig old confused face emoji sticker on it for later, shall we?

“In case you’re not familiar with it, income claim marketing is when a business or coach shares how much money they’ve made… in an effort to prove how successful their business has been. Usually, this display of wealth is also used in order to sell something that promises to replicate these results for students.”
Nathalie Lussier.

We know the scene by now.

In the space of online biz to online biz, the self perpetuating sales machine is running out of blueprint.

Because, y’all, when a facsimile gets copied time and time again, for those of us old enough to remember these things, the image becomes more and more faded. It loses impact.

Not only that, but everyone and their internet meme cat has a copy of it, the the “secret formula” is more recognisable than a Kardashian on a PR stunt night out.

Just for fun, try the gamification of spot-the-mentor-whack-a-mole.
3 -step video series and webinar upsell?
Click here to have a high value CD delivered?

Or, hands up who has seen a launch about launching that’s the first launch of the launchee?


Or the course about courses by the course creator creating their first course?


Want to go for a hat trick?

How about the “I was on food stamps and now I work 2 hours a month and live in [insert here place that’s WAY better than yours].


Now, do these things work? Yes. For some.

Are these blueprints out of date? No, not for the industries and verticals that are behind the times in leveraging online lead generation and sales.

But in the online coaching and marketing space, they are reaching the end of their shelf life.

It’s time to get creative.

We need to THINK (because, you know, that’s what thought leaders do occasionally, I hear).

We need to talk about the less polarising stories that go along the lines of “Hey, I went from an average job to being slightly better paid when I went self-employed; my first few products bombed, then I tweaked, learned, revised and now I am doing [XYZ].”

Hat tip to Hailley at Evolve Succeed whose marketing does an excellent job of keeping the reality perspective in check whilst offering an exciting solution.

Are outstanding successes possible? Yes, of COURSE.

Are they sustainable? Hey, that’s a whole new funnel of fries and a click through conversation (check out what Tara Gentile has to say about this in her excellent article right here.)

Leadership in this space is changing.

It takes BOLD Leadership (hat tip to Tara Newman).

It takes courageous, clearly defined voices, who probably feel in the cheap seats compared to the curated success of the usual suspects.

But these voices have impact. As Hillary Weiss puts it, “We have to realize our audiences are smart. Smarter than us, even”.

My vote is that we do away with formulas and create frameworks that WORK.

I want to see creative thinking for originality, to colour outside the lines, and to design new offerings and ways of marketing that stand on the shoulders of successful experiments, with an original twist.

I want to see the talk about data but yes, question the successful launch of a $14.97 e-book to a list of 700 that yielded $27k in sales (I will award prizes to whoever can guess which book that example came from).

Talk about the bits in between the curated success.

Tell us how the case study acquired the extra people on her list to achieve that success.

Don’t leave out the reality.

We live and operate in a business world with SO many possibilities.

We can take an idea to market in lightning speed.

We can build remote teams and run businesses from anywhere.

We can reach as many people as our marketing strategies allow.

It’s time to think again about how we do that, and what the future looks like when we do,

I’d LOVE to hear what you think. Have at it in the comments below.

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